Press review 17 – 24th April

Europe’s worsening migrant crisis – the Guardian briefing – 20/04/2015 – The Guardian

The news that as many as 700 would-be illegal migrants have died after their boat capsized off Libya has brought the issue of migration into Europe to a head. But what can be done about it?

Iraqi tribes, the Islamic State and citizenship 21/04/2015 – OrientXXI

In Iraq, the perception of danger has never been greater, with the emergence of the Organization of the Islamic State, the disorder play Saudi Arabia, the ever more overt Iranian interference and daily bombings the Western coalition. Given the absence of state and the dismantling of Iraq’s institutions by the US invasion in 2003, the tribes are essential where security, justice and politics have disappeared.

Analysis: Yemen’s crisis – the beginning of the end?- 22/04/2015- Al Jazeera

The Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen have not radically changed the political reality on the ground.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has officially announced the end of its « Decisive Storm » operation in Yemen and the beginning of a new operation, given the optimistic name « Renewal of Hope ». The decision comes after weeks of air strikes targeting key military bases, military supply capabilities, and communications facilities of Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

The Sahara conflict on the sidelines of regional dynamics – 23/04/2015- OrientXXI

The new regional environment characterized on the one hand by violent jihadist groups and the other by new forms of young Sahrawis claims he can help break the inertia of the Sahara conflict? It is inconceivable that a compromise between actors who would benefit from preferred integration of the Maghreb region and the security of principles that seem anachronistic. The states of southern Europe, especially France and Spain could be valuable facilitators to this crisis.