Press review 24 – 30th April

In Israel, the Supreme Court confirms the advocates of colonization – April 27 – OrientXXI

In two recent opinions, the Israeli Supreme Court changed the law on the one hand the properties of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, on the other the difference between Israel proper and the occupied territories. These decisions may reinforce the isolation of Israel and even out a little more of the ideal which it claims.


ANALYSIS: Syrian rebel successes in Idlib could be game changer – 27 avril – Middle East Eye

The rebel seizure of Jisr al-Shughur in Syria’s Idlib province on Monday – and the subsequent capture of the Al-Qarmid army base – challenges recent assumptions in some corners that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was on the verge of reasserting control over the country.


Whither the Palestinian Authority? – 29 avril – Middle East Eye

Despite Palestinian officials threatening to dissolve the PA, they insist that the government will remain and call for a reassessment of its function.

In the last few years, top officials from the Palestinian Authority (PA) have stepped up threats to dissolve the governmental body in the West Bank, as a response to the bottleneck situation into which they accuse the Israeli government of forcing them.


Saudi Arabia shakeup as much about retrenchment as reform – 29 avril – The guardian

King appoints nephew Mohammed bin Nayef as crown prince and heir to the kingdom

Saudi Arabia’s real-life game of thrones has taken a dramatic turn with the surprise designation of Mohammed bin Nayef, its formidable interior minister and counter-terrorism chief, as the crown prince and heir to the kingdom.


Refugees pay the high price of Lebanese cost-cutting – 30 avril – Al Jazeera

Lebanon’s huge intake of Syrian refugees has left the most vulnerable open to exploitation due to scant resources.

Jaharriyeh refugee camp, Lebanon – The Jaharriyeh refugee camp in El Marj sits in a picturesque part of Lebanon’s Bekaa valley; snowcapped mountains soar above the distant horizon, while the sound of children at play is punctuated by the noise of helicopters.