Press review 1 – 8th May

The moral drift of the Israeli army in Gaza – May 4th – Le Monde

Summer 2014 in the Gaza Strip. An old Palestinian man is lying on the ground. He walked close of an Israeli army post. One soldier decided to target it. He was seriously wounded in the leg, not moving. Is he alive? The soldiers are arguing. One of them decides to end the discussion. He shot the old man.


In Israel, the Ethiopians are the new Moroccans – May 5th – Slate

The violent protests in Israel of Ethiopian Jews remind of the protests from North African people in the 1970s. The same causes produce the same effects. The coexistence of communities from different countries does not happen smoothly, even if they share the same religion. Yesterday, the Jews of North Africa were suffering from discrimination and today it is the turn of Ethiopian Jews, victims of racism in addition.


Yemen through its literature: A nation besieged – May 6th – Middle East Monitor

The recent Saudi-led bombing campaign against Yemen has been reduced to a simplistic narrative of a Sunni-Shia divide driving national conflict – reminiscent of an essentialist « clash of civilizations » trope. This sectarian paradigm attributes all conflict to the notion of cultural boundaries developed over centuries-old divides.


Economic headache for the AKP in Turkey – May 7th – orientxxi

In the legislative elections of 7 June, the most dangerous opponent for outgoing AKP – a majority in the Grand National Assembly for thirteen years – will not be economic but political. Inflation, unemployment, and the sharp depreciation of the currency are worrying the business community as the population.


New suspected chemical attacks reported in Syria, dozens injured – May 8th – The Guardian

Syrian activists and a doctor reported Thursday new suspected chemical attacks in the northwestern province of Idlib, leaving several dozens of people suffering from asphyxiation.