Press review 19th June – 26th June

Kurdish fighters chase IS from key base near Raqqa – 23 June 2015 Middle East Eye

Syrian Kurdish fighters have chased Islamic State (IS) militants from a key base north of the group’s stronghold city of Raqqa. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) – with US-led air support – took complete control of the Liwa (Brigade) 93 base on Monday. « They (IS) have been defeated, » YPG spokesman Redur Xelil told Reuters.

UN report on Gaza war likely to bolster international criminal court inquiry- The Guardian

The UN’s inquiry into the 2014 Gaza war issues a rallying call for suspected war criminals “at all levels of the political and military establishments” to be brought to justice, but as the report itself wearily concedes, that is unlikely to happen soon.

Gazans’ inability to buy gifts affects social relationships – Al Monitor

Traditionally, those visiting the homes of others buy a gift for the host. However, due to the harsh living conditions and the lack of purchasing power, Gazans’ social lives are starting to be affected, with family ties being severed and people isolating themselves to avoid embarrassment caused by poverty.

La banalisation de l’État islamique – 22 Juin 2015 – Orient XXI

Western media’s attention regarding the Islamic State is essentially focused on its religious and violent dimensions. Some analysts try to find out a meaning to its ideology as well as the ones who have chosen to join it.

With violence spreading, Egypt’s Sisi needs to change strategy – 25 June 2015 The Jerusalem Post

As Egypt tries to cope with what appears to be a never-ending Islamist insurgency, the violence is spreading to other parts of the country, and the government needs to change its strategy to include economic and educational features, a former Pentagon official told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.