Press review 6th June – 12th June

Digging graves – a penalty for dancing in Saudi Arabia – 8 Juin 2015 – Egypt Independant

According to the ruling issued by the Jeddah Criminal Court in Saudi Arabia, two convicted girls must visit 10 patients in intensive care units, and two young men must dig five graves as a penalty for dancing at a party in a seaside resort. The sentence was an alternative to imprisonment

Champions League Final gives Syrian refugees a welcome break from reality – 8 Juin 2015- Middle East Life 

Syrian refugees watch the Champions League Final in the Domiz refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan, where residents say the game has let them forget the struggles of camp life – See more at: http://www.middleeasteye.net/in-depth/features/champions-league-final-gives-syrian-refugees-welcome-break-reality-637255956#sthash.FayrBreq.VjM1Gc8b.dpuf

Inside Mosul: What’s life like under Islamic State?-  9 Juin 2014 BBC World

Exclusive footage reveals how Islamic State wields power over people’s everyday lives in Iraq’s second city, Mosul, a year after it was captured.  Secretly filmed videos obtained by the BBC’s Ghadi Sary show mosques being blown up, abandoned schools, and women being forced to cover up their bodies. Residents said they were living in fear of punishment according to the group’s extreme interpretation of Islamic law.

We need a sexual revolution in the Middle East – video – The Guardian

‘Let’s face it, the Arab Spring failed women. They are no closer to liberation than before the uprisings.’ Mona Eltahawy, who was beaten and sexually assaulted by Egyptian riot police in 2011, argues that feminism is a vital movement wherever you are – both ‘over here’ and ‘over there’.

Battle for Mosul: The cards are stacked against ISIL 10 Juin 2015 – Al Jazeera

Dohuk, Iraq – On one side of a small mountain bordering Dohuk and Nineveh provinces in northern Iraq, rows of soldiers march in green fatigues and red berets, rifles slung across their shoulders. On the other side is Mosul, the de facto Iraqi capital for fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), who seized the territory one year ago today.