Press review 10th July – 17th July 2015

The Cairo streets where girls pretend to be boys – July 12th – The Guardian

Life is hard for the children who scrape a living on Egypt’s streets. They deal daily with horror and hunger, but for the girls the struggle is worse – which is why some of them dress as boys. Patrick Kingsley hears their stories

Former Palestinian hunger-strikers speak out – July 13th – Middle East Eye

World headlines focus on Khader Adnan and his 55-day hunger strike, but what are the lives of the hunger strikers really like?


Agreement on Iran’s nuclear: a key to open what door? – July 14th – Orientxxi

After marathon negotiations, Iran and the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (the « 5 + 1 ») have finally agreed on July 14 to a very technical and detailed agreement allowing Iran to develop its civilian nuclear industry and escape the sanctions, but blocking for at least ten years any hint of military nuclear program. In fact, this text was negotiated directly between Iran and the United States and its scope thus extends far beyond the nuclear issue.


Tunisia state of emergency life – July 16th – Orientxxi

On 4 July 2015, the head of the Tunisian government Beji Caid Essebsi decreed a state of emergency. Eight days earlier, a jihadist attack against a resort near Sousse had killed 38 tourists. The investigation revealed that there was a link between the attack and the one that had occurred three months earlier, on March 18, killing 22 people among the tourists visiting the National Museum of Bardo. Both attacks were claimed by the organization of the Islamic State. Tunisians how do they live this situation? Testimony.


Tourism to Iran set to rise sharply after nuclear deal – July 17th – The Guardian

Iran is hoping that the nuclear agreement struck in Vienna this week will create a further boost to a tourist industry that has already relaxed visa requirements and is planning to build new hotels to attract visitors to its ancient sights