Press review 24th July – 31th July 2015

Turkey declares war on the organization of the Islamic State – July 24th – Orientxxi

The attack by the organization of the Islamic state in Turkey July 20, 2015 ended the de facto agreement between that organization and Ankara. The government permitted the US to use the Incirlik base for military action against Syria OEI and its forces participated in strikes in its neighbor. Obsessed far by his hatred of the Syrian regime and the fear of the Kurds enjoy the chaos, the Turkish government does review its strategy? Can it grant the Kurds instead they ask or he will conduct a two-front war as it seems engage in it?


Morocco – Uber’s first steps in the Maghreb – July 28th – Middle East Eye

MEE speaks to drivers and customers using Uber in Morocco, currently in a test phase in Casablanca.

The beach: Gaza’s one lifeline – July 29th – Middle East Eye

As an already scorching heatwave is set to intensify amid power outages and water shortages, Gazans find survival by the sea shore.


Is Saudi Arabia warming up to the Muslim Brotherhood? – July 29th – Al Jazeera

Amid continued ISIL expansion and a perceived threat from Iran, Saudi Arabia has been searching for new allies.