Press review 26th June – 3rd July

The lost tourists of Lebanon’s ‘red zone’ – June 26th – Middle East Eye

With the uprising in Syria, some of the most popular tourism destinations in Lebanon are struggling to attract visitors.


The evolution of Sousse’s killer in jihadism – June 29th – Le Monde

All smiles, the young man with tousled hair and a white shirt laying between two Kalashnikovs, leaning against a sunny wall. Thus emerged the world Seifeddine Rezgui, 24, a photo released by the Islamic state (EI) in the extra claim the carnage of El Kantaoui, near Sousse, on the coast of Tunisia’s east, which killed 38 Friday, June 26 among foreign hotel guests and as many wounded.


Israel is willing to build a security fence at the Jordanian border – June 29th – Le Monde

Israel gave on Monday 29, its agreement to build a « security barrier » of 30 kilometers along its border with Jordan, the fourth « wall » erected by Israel to prevent the entry of illegal migrants or attackers on its soil.


Yemen abandoned by the great powers to Saudi ambitions – July 1st – Orientxxi

How to explain the Yemen situation where the civilian population is suffering a war without thank you? Belonging to the backyard of the Saudi kingdom, the country, one of the poorest in the world, is currently experiencing profound changes. It is time to take stock and questions to one of his former ministers, Amat Al Alim Alsoswa.


Terrorism, the impossible eradication of the « enemy » – July 2nd – Orientxxi

What is terrorism? Who defines it? What? The fighters of the African National Congress (ANC) Are there terrorists as claimed by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher? And the Palestinians? In history, those who used this term did evolve. Often the goal was to discredit « the enemy ». Still, it was used to disqualify a cause and to prevent reflection.