Press review 31th July – 7th August 2015

Israel has a problem with Jews’ hate crimes – 31 July – Slate

The homophobic attack at the gay pride parade and the fire in the West Bank that killed a 18-month are yet another demonstration. And political power does not do anything.

Ascendant Kurds emerge from Syrian civil war as major power player – August 1st – The Guardian

The Middle East map is being unofficially redrawn as Kurdish forces controls more of the north than Isis and Turkey is under pressure to confront realities.


« Iran is one of the best assets of Washington in the fight against Isis » Interview with the American historian Rashid Khalidi – August 3 – Orientxxi

Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University in New York, the American historian Rashid Khalidi is holder of the chair of Edward Said. Coming from a large family of Jerusalem, he is the editor of the Journal of Palestine Studies and was an adviser to the Palestinian delegation to the Madrid negotiations in 1991. Author of several books, he is also a recognized specialist the Palestinian question and of US policy in the Middle East on which it intervenes defending very critical positions. More than ten years after the blinded empire, the United States and the Middle East (translated and published in 2004 by Actes Sud), he recently published Brokers of Deceit: How the US HAS Undermined peace in the Middle East (Boston Beacon Press, 2013, not yet translated into French).

ANALYSIS: After liberation of Aden, will Yemen’s south secede? – August 6th – Middle East Eye

After the liberation of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden from the grip of the Houthi militia, backed by reengaged forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the question of secession by the country’s south has resurfaced.


The hidden agenda of a television series on Egyptian Jews – August 7 – Orientxxi

Schedule a series « special Ramadan » devoted to the Jews was an especially big gamble. In Egypt, the channel Mehwar Drama held it. Before its release, and throughout the month, controversy swelled on the topics and the way they were. The problem: There are many historical errors, the fights are depoliticized and the current propaganda against the Muslim Brotherhood and relayed Palestinians. Analysis of this series whose episodes are available on YouTube.