Press review 7th Augusrt – 14th August 2015

Reviving the forgotten flavours of the Ottoman palace kitchen – august 10th – Middle East Eye

Sweet hummus from the 15th century and almond soup from 1539 are among the recipes revived by a restaurant research project in Turkey.


Turkey, without government, is sinking gradually into violence – August 11th – Le Monde

For the first time in thirteen years, Turkey is facing a resurgence of violence in its areas of Southeast Kurdish-speaking and Istanbul, where two attacks and bombings have killed five police officers and that of a conscript on Monday, August 10th.


Tunisia and the « black gold » mirage – August 11th – Orientxxi

To who should go oil revenues? To the State, as it is the case, or to the producing regions, as their inhabitants and part of the political class would like? The debate was launched during the presidential campaign of December 2014. The reality is less engaging: Tunisia, which for years no longer covers its energy consumption, has become an oil importer.


« Tel Aviv sur Seine »: an outdated analysis grid – August 12th – Le Monde

One year after the controversy over banning certain demonstrations of solidarity with the Gaza Strip, the French company winces again on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The object of the controversy is the day « Tel Aviv sur Seine » hosted Thursday, August 13 by the City of Paris, which is to recreate on the banks of the capital’s hedonistic atmosphere of the Israeli seaside city.


Can Oman become a key player in the Syrian crisis? – august 12th – Middle East Eye

After more than four years of the Syrian crisis, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem visited the Omani capital, Muscat, in the first visit of its kind to a Gulf state since 2011. He met with the Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi to discuss bilateral relations and the Syrian crisis.



La vie au milieu des bombes à sous-munitions israélienne a Liban – le 13 août – Al Jazeera

Une décennie après la guerre, les bombes israéliennes qui n’avaient pas explosé en 2006 continues de tuer des civils libanais.