Press Review: 10th of October-14th of October 2016

Thousands in Yemen protest deadly airstrike as Saudi coalition agrees to a probe-The Washington Post-10/10/2016.

Millions of people protested in the streets from Sanaa to Yemen to denounce the air attack having made 100 deaths during funerals. This one had been thrown by the coalition led by the Saudi Arabia. The country declared that the attack should not have been launched against civilians. The persons present at the funerals were mainly supporters of Houthis, opponent to the government supported by the Saudis. The coalition benefits from the American’s support, which asserts being severely disrupted by this incident. The White House declared that it would send an expert on the ground to clear up the sequence of events. It declares being ready to adjust its help to the coalition according to the results.

The Tunisian State reviled by the UNO for discrediting its amazigh culture-the Huffington Post Maghreb-11/10/2016

Although the Tunisian delegation asserted that the country respected the diversity as well as the minorities, the Committee on Economic, a Social and Cultural Rights of United Nations (CESCR) has recently declared that Tunisia denigrates its own Amazigh culture. This one blames Tunisia for its reducing definition of the Arabic and Muslim identity which could lead to violations of the linguistic and cultural Amazigh’s rights.

When will Iran abandon Bashar al-Assad?-Aljazeera-12/10/2016

Until now, Iran has always been an important supporter of the Syrian regime. This one would not have been able to stay in power without the help of its powerful ally. Hence, Tehran sent both diplomatic and military assistance. This support seems unconditional and continues in time. Nevertheless, from a pragmatic point of view, three situations could urge Iran to revise its strategy in Syria. Indeed Ahmed al-Burai, professor at the University of Istanbul Aydin, considers that three scenarios could bring Tehran to do it. First of all, a change in the Russian foreign policy towards Syria could go against the Iranian interests. Then, the rising expansionist perspectives of Iran concerning its Arabic and Turkish neighbors could also bring the country to modify its foreign policy towards Syria. Iran could finally realize that maintaining Assad does not serve its interests anymore.

Egypt shaken by an economic typhoon-Orientxxi-13/10/2016

Egypt hesitates to devalue its currency for the second time this year. This situation occurs at a time where both the prices of the water and the electricity do not stop rising and where the benefits from export and the tourism decrease. If the business world looks forward to it, such a decision risks to have a negative impact on the Egyptian masses. Experts attribute this problem of currency to what is usually called by the « dirty management « . It consists in determining the value of the currency through a political process instead of letting the market decide it.

Attempt of coup d’état in Turkey: arrest warrant against 189 magistrates-RTBF-14/10/2016

After the attempt of putsch that took place in Turkey in July, the government set up a purge to evict sympathizers of Gülen, supposed initiator of the coup d’état. This wave of purges continued this week with the issue of 189 arrest warrants against Turkish magistrates. These ones are accused of having used the coded messaging Bylock, suspected of being putschistes’ communication tool.