Press Review: 17th-21th of October 2016

Battle for Mosul: Operation to retake Iraqi city from IS begins-BBC News-17/10/2016.

The armed raid /operation armed to take back Mosul began on Monday. This one is led by the Iraqi army and its Kurdish allies. The attack is also supported by the American coalition through airstrikes. The city has been under the influence of the Islamic state since 2014. It is also the place where from the leader of ISIS proclaimed the creation of the Caliphate. The UN declared being worried about the safety of the people trapped in that zone. This is a situation which could, according to analysts, lasts several weeks.

Unesco adopts a controversial resolution on Jerusalem-Le Figaro-18/10/2016.

Unesco adopted a resolution on Tuesday to protect the Palestinian heritage in East-Jerusalem. This one has been voted despite the Israeli indignation provoked by this announcement. Indeed, the Israeli president Benyamin Netanyahou got offended that the resolution never refers to the sacred places of the city by their Jewish names, only using the Arabic terminology.

Iran Airs ‘House of Cards’ to Educate Public About U.S. Politics- Haaretz-19/10/2016.

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the Iranian regime has always taken care of censoring American pop culture, judging it inappropriate with regards to Islamic values. However, the conservative government has recently authorized the broadcasting of the series Netflix « House of Cards « . This one is considered as being instructive about the dynamics of powers in the United States for the Iranian public. Certain scenes were however edited in order not to clash with the Islamic values.

How can Morocco better integrate its migrants?-Huffington Post Maghreb-20/10/2016.

German, Moroccan and Turkish experts and representatives of NGOs and governments met on Tuesday in Rabat to discuss challenges bound to the migration, and especially to the integration. They underlined the importance of various elements. First of all, the importance of the education and to make sure that the migrant has the possibility of learning the language of his host country. Germany then underlined the importance to create indicators allowing evaluating the migratory politics. The importance to improve the integration on the labor market has also been discussed, as well as the necessity of giving a voice to the migrants.

Why is Israel tightening the Gaza blockade?-Middle East Monitor-21/10/2016.

The Israeli authorities strengthened Gaza blockage in July, calling upon reasons of safety. These illegal measures are considered as collective punishment by the United Nations Secretary General of Ban Ki-moon. These are indeed an enormous weight for Gaza. Israel justifies these measures by security matters, while the blockade concerns goods used  for civil purposes and essential for the survival of the inhabitants.