Press Review: 3rd of October- 7th of October.

« Marshall plan for Tunisia » : a call for debt -Nawaat- October 3, 2016.

After a call for mobilization emitted by the Circle Kheireddine, the European Parliament has considered that Tunisia could benefit of a “Marshall Plan” in a resolution adopted on September 14th. This plan would take place over 5 years and would aim to mobilize 20 billion euros. The European Parliament considers that such an initiative would allow to support the democratic, economic and social development. The signatories of the call for mobilization of the international community forTunisia gather all together actual and previous important figures.

The fall and the rise of Morocco’s left-Aljazeera-Octobre 4, 2016.

In this election week in Morocco, the decline of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces Party (USFP) opens the door to far-left groups. The USFP was the main opposition Party in the 1970s and 1980s. This Party disappointed its electorate during its participation in coalition governments between 2002 and 2011. Similarly, another traditional left Party lost in popularity: the Party of Progress and Socialism Driss Maghraoui, professor at Akhawayne University, estimates that this phenomenon is due to the inability of those Parties to change the system, causing a loss in their legitimacy. This opened the door for three far-left parties grouped under the name of the Federation of the Democratic Left. They are supported by several figures of the « 20 February Movement « , active during the 2011’s demonstrations.

The relentless Iraqi fantasy politics-Orientxxi-October 5, 2016

If the backward movement of The Islamic State in Iraq allowed the Prime Minister Al Abadi to win points, it did not allow the Iraqi regime to strengthen its power and its credibility in the eyes of his population. Indeed, in spite of his image of moderate Shiite, the Prime Minister did not manage to reform the political system and to take out former dynamics of power. The political system is still facing corruption and does not manage, despite the international community’s support, nor to crush ISIS, nor to ensure public services. According to Loulouwa Al-Rachid, the country shows fictional politics where the regime structurally lack of political power.

White House accuses Israel of betraying trust-Dailystar-October 6, 2016.

The White House accused Israel of betraying trust only a few days after Obama attended the burial of Shimon Perees and approved the budget of military aid to the country. Indeed, it denounced the construction project of a new settlement in the West Bank,  which  enters into contradiction with Israel’s public statements asserting that it does not have the attention to create new settlements. This colonization of Palestinian territories  consists in a violation of the international law and is considered as being a major obstacle to the establishment of  peace.

Syria: the Security Council discusses Aleppo, where the pro-regime forces move forward-RTBF-October 7, 2016.

An emergency meeting of the Security Council took place on Friday to discuss the disastrous humanitarian situation in Aleppo. This meeting has been requested by Russia following the declarations of a UN representative for Syria accusing Moscow of striking without proper judgment rebel-held districts of Aleppo. These air strikes coincide with the beginning of the big offensive of the Syrian regime to win back these parts of the city. The Syrian question froze the diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow. Nevertheless, France tries to pass a draft resolution at the Security Council to allow the humanitarian aid to reach the population.