Press Review october 24- october 26

Hundreds leave Calais by bus on first day of operation to clear refugee camp-The Guardian-24/10/2016

Hundreds of migrants left the Calais Jungle on Monday morning. Their next destination? Reception centres located all over France. The migrants were warned that they risked deportation in case of resistance during the dismantling procedure. Several NGOS expressed their fears concerning the fate of non-accompanied minors, who are supposed to go to the United Kingdom. Hence, they had to be registered before leaving the camp. Yet, the procedure had not begun on Monday while the destruction of the jungle began.

Hamas: Palestine’s right to defend itself ‘not to be bargained or bartered’-Middle East Monitor-25/10/2016

Hamas asserted wanting to maintain all the means it has, including the military ones, that would allow them to protect Palestinians against Israeli attacks. This statement was made to answer the Israeli Minister of Defence’s comment that asserted that Gaza’s blockade shall end once Hamas would have ended its armament operations as well as tunnel digging. Hamas considers that the blockade contradicts the international laws and that it would bargain Palestine’s right to defend itself.

Moscow extends bombing’s suspension in Aleppo-L’Orient le jour-26/10/2016

Moscow declared to be willing to extend the bombing’s suspension in Aleppo for a ninth day. The decision to suspend the airstrikes had been taken last Tuesday. It allowed the creation of 6 humanitarian corridors. Nevertheless, if the Russians declared not to have overflown (skimmed through) the city since the decision to suspend air attacks, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights asserts that strikes has started again since Saturday in the southwest part of the city. Russia called the UN to react more effectively regarding the city’s evacuation, a criticism which was also emitted by Syrian doctors.

IMF endorses Saudi policy shift to tackle low oil prices-Arab News-27/10/2016

The International Monetary Fund Managing Director has greeted the Saudi initiative to reduce its oil dependence during a visit to Riyadh. This decision has been taken within the frameworks of the National Transformation Plan and Vision 2030. Hence, the country has to strengthen a non-oil growth, as well as to create new job opportunities.

Libya : exit the long night-Huffington Post Maghreb- 28/10/2016

It has been 5 years since the former Libyan dictator was killed in Sirte having been lynched under the eyes of the entire world. The fall of the Gaddafi regime breathed the hope that Libya would engage on the democratic path. Nevertheless, the country’s situation is still chaotic today. The joined intervention between NATO and Canada has contributed creating it. By using bombings to bring democracy, the operation  » Unified Protector  » contributed to create a situation in which not two, but three governments quarrel the right to govern the country. An analysis by Raouf Farrah.