Press Review 16th of November

Erdogan hints at referendum on Turkey joining EU-Arab News-14/11/2016.

The Turkish president Erdogan blames Europe for pushing his country to drop off its procedure to access the European Union. He denounces the indecision of the European leaders and urges them to take a clear decision before his country runs out of patience. The President also thinks about consulting his population on this matter through a referundum.

Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi has death sentence overturned-Aljazeera-15/11/2016.

The justice cancels the death penalty of the first president elected Mohamed Morsi. This one had been dispossessed in 2013 further to the coup d’état introduced by the General Al Sissi. The Cassation court considered that the trial had been political and violated the right of million Egyptians.

In Marrakesh, the adaptation of the Agreement of Paris moves forward very slowly- l’Orient le Jour- 16/11/2016.

The COOP 22 has begun last week in Morocco, following the adoption of the agreement of Paris last year. The purpose of this gathering is to discuss the modalities of application of the agreement. Until now, the advances of this one were modest, even if the negotiations on the implementation of the agreement ended. Hence, the substance of the working-plan has not been really approached yet.

100 people feared drowned as boat sinks off Libya-The Guardian-17/11/2016.

Hundred people died after having left Libya by boat. The boat began to sink after soon after beeing launched, when the smugglers removed the rescueing equipment and the motor. Only 27 people survived the disaster. Nowadays, the smugglers put on migrants on boats without giving them enough material, or fuel to reach  Italy. They hope that these will be intercepted by charities and repatriated in Europe.

Trump’s New Hard-Line Aides Worry Muslims, but Some See an Upside-the Washington Post-18/11/2016.

The appointment of certain political figures within the Trump administration worries Muslim populations in the Middle East. Indeed, some of the members of the staff, in particular Lt. Gen. Flynn are known to be anti Muslim. According to certain experts working on violence and radicalization, it risks to strengthen the jihadists perception of the world. However, some other Muslims see the appointment of such hard liners as the hope that the American fight against the EI is going to intensify.