Press Review: November 7-11 2016

Arab forces to lead fight to recapture Raqqa from Isis, US says-The Guardian-7/11/2016.


Washington recently declared that an Arab coalition would lead the battle to to take back Raqqa, which held by ISIS since 2013. The purpose of this statement is to reassure the Turkish authorities over the Kurdish implication in the liberation of the city. The country considers the YPG, helping the Syrian Democratic Forces, as being an arm for the PKK. Ankara is afraid that an active participation of the group would lead to the creation of a Kurdish enclave in the North of Syria, strengthening the PKK

Perform well while acting well : the Moroccan companies facing the energy challenge-The Huffington Post Maghreb-8/11/2016.


The Huffington Post Maghreb reviews the efforts of the Moroccan companies regarding to energy questions, while the country hosts for now the COOP 22. The government had indeed adopted in 2009 a national strategy to produce 42 % of its electricity from renewable energies before 2020. If the efforts of the latter are recognized, the initiatives led by companies are it much less. Nevertheless, some of them, such as the Chérifien des Phosphates service and the cement works of Lafarge-Holcim Maroc (and many others) set up initiatives to reduce their energy consumption. Those initiatives testify of the possibiity to perform well while acting well.

Syrian army makes ‘significant gains’ in Aleppo-Aljazeera-9/11/2016.

The Syrian army made considerable gains in the city of Aleppo by taking control of 1070 Apartments. The rebel groups nevertheless refuse to stop fighting and to give up the city. It is the biggest victory of the Damascus regime since the launch of the military offensive supported by Russia in September.

Palestinians Don’t Expect Much From Trump, but Fear Losing Self-rule-Haaretz-10/11/2016.


The Palestinians do not expect anything from Trump where Obama failed. Hence, the outgoing president has failed to put enough pressure on the Israeli government so that it would stop settlements. The Palestinians do not consider Trump’s foreign policy will break from the one of his predecessors. Nevertheless, the victory of the billionaire encourages the politics which Israel leads on its territory on the short term. There is also a risk that the Palestinian Authorities will see the financial contributions of the USA decreasing, threatening its ability of self-rule.

EU and Israeli reciprocity works to a formula-Middle East Monitor-11/11/2016.


Ramona Wadi denounces in an opinion written for the newspaper Middle East Monitor the attitude of the European Union towards the Palestinian. Indeed, if the EU adopts a rhetoric denouncing Israel creating new settlements, it keeps giving to the country a completely undeserved political advantage. For example the European Union keeps trying to strengthen the inclusion of Israel via economic treaties, even if this one encloses a part concerning the respect of human rights. More recently, the Workgroup Marghreb/Mashrek to emir recently a not binding declaring document that Israel should pay for all the houses financed by EU having been destroyed. If this document calls up to the intense superiors to take more binding solutions, there are few chances for it to happen