Ress Review, November 21th

Syria: near a million people are now besieged-Le Monde-21/11/2016

The use of the tactics of siege is increasing in Syria, declares the UN boss of the humanitarian operations. Indeed, near a million Syrians would be besieged today. This number, has been constantly rising during the last past year. This one would be essentially used by the Syrian regime. New zones broadened the list of unreachable places for the humanitarian supports. This collective punishment aims at forcing the populations to submit itself or to flee.

Homemade Drones: Daesh’ new weapons-L’Obs-22/11/16

The use of armed drones by the Jihadist group « Islamic State » is increasing. Those ones are either freely purchas on website such as the Fnac and Amazone, either homemade. If drones made by ISIS remain little successful due to their inability to transport big quantity of explosives, the growing interest of the organization for this type of weapon stays all the same a subject of concern for the international community.

Turkey : the law legalizing rape has been abandonned,  but its spirit remains- la Libre Belgique-21/11/2016

Further to the strong popular mobilization, Turkey gave up its bill « legalizing the rape » when the victim is married to her aggressor. The law would also have tolerated rape if the aggressor marries his victim after the incident.  This text was perceived by the public opinion as being a way to legalize and legitimize the situation of the married couples religiously; but also the situation where one of the two spouses (generally the girl) is still minor.

The battle to uncover the truth and future of the Tunisian revolution-Middle East Monitor-24/11/2016

Tunisia threw the first hearings of the Truth and Dignity Instance (TDI) on November 17th. This authority aims at establishing a context in which the promises of transitional justice established by the new Tunisian constitution could be fulfill. This one allows to listen to the voices of the people successively oppressed by the diet of Bourguiba and Ben Ali.

Iran pulls the plug on Tehran art exhibition in Berlin -The Guardian-25/11/2016

Berlin had to welcome next month an exhibition with arts coming from the Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary. Certain pieces of the collection had been bought by the wife of the Sha during the 1970s oil boom. The exhibition has however been cancelled, or postponed because of the incapacity-or the lack of will-of the Iranian authorities to send the art pieces in Europe.