Press review: 28th of November

Did Ben Ali speak ? The TAP trapped by propaganda-Nawaat-28/11/16

The authenticity of a text presenting the reactions of the former Tunisian dictator to the first hearings of the authority the Truth and Dignity ( IVD) is questioned. This one was published on November 23rd by Tunis Africa Presse, an official agency. The release has beeen delivered by the controversial Mounir Ben Salha, Ben Ali’s lawyer.

Fatah holds congress amid Abbas’ succession speculation-Aljazeera-29/11/16

It is with two years of delay that the Fatah movement organizes its 7th congress on Tuesday November 29th. Its purpose is to establish the movement’s new strategy for the next five years. The official representatives of the Fatah asserted that the Congress would not deal with questions of its current leader’s succession (Mahmoud Abbas). The issue is nevertheless essential to avoid potential destabilizations and political vacuum, while Abbas celebrated its 81 years. The analysts doubt that this congress delivers the necessary strategies to unite the Palestinians.

A Saudi prince pushes for women to be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia-La Libre-30/11/16

The Saudi prince Al Walid Bin Talal, defender of women’s right in Saudi Arabia, has recently issued call to allow women to drive. He asserts that this restriction is similar today to the questions concerning women’s access to education. Besides declaring this measure to be unfair,  the prince underlines its economic cost for the country.

Historic output cut deal ‘boon for all OPEC producers’-Arab News-1/12/16

OPEC took the resolution to reduce its production during a meeting in Vienna on Wednesday. John Sfakianakis, director of the economic department to « Gulf research Center » based in Saudi Arabia, described this measure as being a boon for OPEC producer. The organization will begin to reduce its production starting from January.

The American Congress voted for a renewal of sanctions against Iran-Le Soir-2/12/16

The American Senate voted for an extension of certain sanctions against Iran. This decision was adopted with 99 pro votes for, 0 contra. The extension of certain of those sanctions does not concern those bound to the nuclear deal signed in 2015. The Senate justifies its decision by saying that « a law on these sanctions has to be in force to allow to reinstall them immediately if Iran violates the agreement « .