Press Review 5th of December

Daesh lost Sirte, its fief in Libya-Le Monde-5/12/16

The Libyan government of National Union regained control over the city of Sirte on Monday. It was the fief of the Islamic State in Libya. It is about a new backhand for the terrorist organization which is experiencing several setbacks in Iraq and in Syria nowadays.

Saudi Court Orders Executions for 15 Accused of Spying for Iran-The New-York Times-6/12/16

Saudi Arabia judged thirty two men accused of having spied  the country for Iran. Fifteen men were sentenced to death, fifteen others to a jail sentence. Only two were acquitted. A majority of them were of Shiite, and the Saudi media declare that some of them are the former employees of the Ministries of the Interior and the Defense. Several international organizations qualified this trial of parody of justice.

In Aleppo, the rebellion loses ground every hours-Liberation-7/12/2016

On Wednesday, the Syrian army has retaken the historic center of the city of Aleppo, as well as several districts. With this victory, Bachar Al Assad managed to reconquer 80 % of the territories which escaped its control since the summer 2012. The military Council of Aleppo proposed a humanitarian truce of five days to evacuate the civilians and the medical emergencies. Russia ignored this option and imposed, in the wake, its nth veto on a Security Council Resolution.

Religious leaders push for Muslim alternative to Peppa Pig-BBC-8/12/2016

The Australian National Imam Council encourages parents to collect funds to create television series corresponding to the Islamic values. A cartoon Barakah hills is presented as being an alternative to Peppa the pig for the youngest ones. The argument of president of the Australian National Imam Council is to give choice to the parents in what their kids are watching by proposing them a greater diversity of TV shows.

How one woman is standing up to Turkey’s purges-Al-Monitor-9/12/2016

Nuriye Gulmen is a Turkish academician who lost her post during the purge following the attempt of coup d’état of last July 15th. Since November 9th, she regularly goes near the Human Rights monument in Ankara to protest both against the state of emergency and for having her job back. She keeps going despite having been arrested 17 times. She has also received mistreatments from the police. Her resilience at a time where protests become rare makes her an iconic figure of resistance in Turkey.