Press Review 12th of December

How Damas lost Palmyra again-L’Orient le Jour-12/12/2016

The terrorist organization Islamic State managed to reconquer Palmyra 9 months after their expulsion from the city. This defeat of the Syrian army highlights, according to the newspaper “l’Orient le Jour”, the intrinsic weaknesses of the governmental forces. It was indeed unable to maintain the control of the territory without the Russian and Iranian support.

Islamic State claims responsibility for Cairo church bombing-The Guardian-13/12/2016

The Islamic State claimed the suicide attack which made twenty five deaths in a Coptic church of Cairo. The interior ministry declared that the initiator of this act of terror belonged to an Egyptian terrorist cell financed by the Muslims Brotherhood. The organization has nevertheless condemned the act.

Yemen conflict: US cuts arms sales to Saudi Arabia-BBC News-14/12/2016

Washington made the decision to decrease arms sales to the Saudis. This decision has been taken following the numbers of civil victims caused by the Saudi airstrike’s in Yemen. However, the United States asserted that they would continue supporting Saudi Arabia for what concerns intelligence and border controls.

Eastern-Aleppo: the evacuation has begun-le Figaro-15/12/2016

An agreement authorizing the evacuation of Aleppo was signed this night by 2:30 am. Approximately 15.000 people would try to leave the city. The operations began under the supervision of the Syrian governmental forces. The agreement states that in exchange, rebels have to allow the evacuation of the wounded persons blocked in two Shiite villages besieged since 2015.

Drug tests on foreigners marrying Saudi women-Middle East Monitor-16/12/2016

Arab news has recently reported that drug test would be made compulsory for foreigners intending to marry Saudi women. The Health Minister added this control to other medical tests having to be taken before a foreigner seeks to marry a Saudi woman. This measure has been set up while the Ministry of Justice revealed that statistics indicated an increase in marriage contracts between foreigners and nationals.