Press Review : 23-27 of January

Syria peace talks: rebels appear to rule out ceasefire role for Iran-The Guardian-23/01/17

The Syrian rebels met the strengths pro-Bashar Al Assad for the first time since the beginning of the civil war. This meeting took place in Astana, Kazakh capital, during negotiations sponsored by Iran, Turkey and Russia. At the end of these discussions, the rebels seemed to have rejected the participation of Iran as moderator of the cease-fire. Read more in « The Guardian ».

The ARP takes back the examination of the bill completing the law relative to elections and referendums- Huffington Post Maghreb-24/01/17.

After several months, the Assembly of the people’s representatives resumed the examination of the bill concerning elections and referendum, proposed in January 2016. At that time, this proposition had stimulated violent debates. The bill mainly concerns the armed forces and internal security’s voting rights.

The forces of General Haftar took back a jihadi fief near Benghazi-Jeune Afrique-25/01/2017

Marshal Khalifa Haftar declared to have taken back the whole region of Qanfouda. This region, situated about fifteen kilometers from Benghazi, was one of the last Islamist fiefs in East Libya. Benghazi is the second Libyan city and has been occupied by the Islamist groups for three years. If the ANL took back a part of the city, it has not managed yet to expel all jihadists.

Children in Mosul can finally go back to school-Le courrier international-26/01/2017

After two years children can finally reregister at the school in a district from Mosul which has been liberated from the group Islamic State. Relatives showed their extreme satisfaction to see their children having access to education. It was the first time for some of them. Indeed, a father declared having refused his son to attend classes dispensed by jihadists. Schools have still nor water, nor electricity, or textbooks. The reconstruction of the education system risks to take several months.

Geneva talks on Syria postponed, Russia says-Aljazeera-27/01/2017

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that the negotiations on the Syrian conflict of February 8th would be postponed at the end of February. The spokesman of United Nations nevertheless announced not to be capable of confirming this delay. The first meeting between the rebel groups the Syrian regime were supposed to meet for the first time to Astana, before setting them to Bashar Al Assad refuse to come and force the translators to make the mediation between both camps.