Press Review 16/01/17

“Oman Says It’s Taking 10 Guantanamo Bay Detainees”-Time-16/01/17

At the beginning of its presidency, Obama made the promise close the prison of Guantánamo. He was not able to hold it due to a decision of the preventing Congress everything transfers prisoners towards American prisons. Therefore, Oman decided to welcome 10 prisoners on its territory at the request of the American president to support its plan to close the institution. It is not the first time that the sultanate agrees to take prisoners. He had indeed already accepted 10 Yemenites who can not return to their native country because of the civil war.

“700,000 in Syria have no access to humanitarian aid”-Middle East Monitor-17/01/2017

While the efforts concentrate on the negotiation of a cease-fire in Syria, the international organizations of humanitarian aid call being able to reach freely and in complete safety the zones of seat. There are today 15 zones of seat in Syria where are still blocked 700,000 people.

“Turkish prosecutor demands lengthy sentences for pro-Kurdish leaders”-Middle East Eye-18/01/17

Two politicians belonging to the HDP (Left democratic of the peoples) were condemned to 83 and 142 years of prison for their link presumed with the PKK. The reporter of the European Union in Turkey denounced this decision as being extravagant. The immunity of the members of Parliament had already been raised in May in a movement aiming at the HDP.

“Why thousands of Iranians are fighting in Syria”-Aljazeera-19/01/17

The newspaper Al Jazeera dealt with the causes urging the Iranians to leave to fight alongside the pro-regime forces in Syria. The experts call upon ideological, political reasons, and even economic. Many fighters are a member of militias of Basij and of troops of the IRGC; but if some leave to the front of their free wills, others are forced to do it. Read more on Al Jazeera.

“Syria: IS destroys part of Palmyra’s Roman Theatre”-BBC-20/01/17

The group Islamic State regained control over Palmyra in December, expelling the strengths of Bachar Al Assad. It has then started again the destruction of the antique site. This act was qualified as war crime by the UNESCO.