Press review

“UN resolution 2334 must be seen as a tool, not just a victory”-Middle East Monitor-9/01/17.

An unexpected Christmas present was given to the Palestinians on December 23rd 2016. Hence, a resolution requiring the ending of the Israeli settlements was adopted by the Security Council. Although it represents an historic moment, Professor Kamel Hawwash sees it as a tool and not only as a victory. He asserts that the Palestinian leadership needs to seize this opportunity to pressure Israel. Indeed, the author explains in this article that the Palestinians failed to do it twice in the past. The first time was in 2004, once the International Court of Justice issued an advisory opinion in 2004; and the second after UN human right commission published a report after the war in Gaza in 2008-2009.

« Morocco bans Burqa »- Le Figaro-10/01/17

The Moroccan government decided to forbid the manufacturing and the sale of the burqa. It is the same for the type of fabric used to manufacture it. The decision was communicated last week to the storekeepers, who had of 48 hours to liquidate or to transform their stocks. This decision was received scantily by the groups of Salafist, whose influence increases in Morocco.

« Dozens killed as fighting rages at Yemen’s Red Sea strait »- The Daily Star-11/01/17.

Dozens of people were killed or hurt in Yemen during figts nearby the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb. President Hadi and his allies managed regain territory from Houtis rebels, helped by the air raids led by Saudi Arabia. This coalition is deeply criticized by international organizations for attacking public places such as schools and markets.

“A Lebanese perspective: will Assad survive to the civil war ?”- Le courrier international-12/01/17.

Bachar al Assad’s recent victory in Aleppo was decisive as regards the future of Syria. The departure of the dictator seems from now on less and less likely. But if Bachar Al Assad did not lose the war, he has not won it either. He owes his victory mainly to his Russian and Iranian allies. Furthermore, with the majority of the Syrian territory escaping to his control and half of his population being displaced, the kingdom of Assad finds itself amputated. Iran and Russia do not seem to want to pay the bill to reconstruct this country. They wish to maintain their domination on the ‘useful parts of  Syria’, in spite of the will of the Syrian president to reconquer the entire territory.

“Erdogan: Turkish troops will not be withdrawn from Cyprus”- The Middle East Eyes-13/01/2017.

President Erdogan asserted that the Turks will not remove their troops from Cyprus. This statement has been issued a few hours after the leaders of the divided country assured having achieved the significant progress as regards to the reunification of the country during an international conference in Geneva. The Greeks retorted that they could not have of resolution of the situation as long as there will be a Turkish occupation of the island. Nevertheless, the experts of the various camps remain optimistic regarding to the implementation of a sustainable peace process.