Press review: February the 13th

Election of new Hamas Gaza Strip leader increases fears of confrontation-The Guardian-13/02/17

Yahya Sinwar, a hardliner of the Hamas has been elected as leader of the Gaza Strip. He formally rejects any attempt of reconciliation with Israel. His victory shows contentions within the various political factions of the Hamas ; and his election stimulated the fears of new deadly conflicts between the group and Israel.

UN: ‘Looming catastrophe’ in four besieged towns-Aljazeera-14/02/07

60, 000 civilians are still deprived of humanitarian aid in four besieged cities in Syria. The United Nations urges all parties involved in the civil war to authorize access to the humanitarian aid.

Turkey’s main opposition ‘won’t challenge referendum’-Arab news-15/02/17

The Turkish opposition declared not wanting  to oppose the referendum concerning  the strengthening of the powers of the president. The leader of main opposition party, the CHP, asserted that the question of the referendum must not be discussed only at the legal level. Indeed, he says that this situation must be subjected in the opinion of the people, in order to discuss it at the political level.

Israel and Palestine : the Trump-Netanyahu meeting was senseless-Le Courrier international- 16/02/17

Donald Trump received Benyamin Netanyahu for the first time at the white house on Wednesday, February 15th. Commentators underlined the incoherence and vacuity of the words held by both politicians. They argue that Trump, who announced a break with the American traditional diplomatic line, will face soon enough the reality of the ground, and the impact that the Israeli-Palestinian question has on the situation in the Middle East.

The tunisian economy faces problems related to corruption-Le Monde-17/02/17

The Tunisian companies still faces problems bound to corruption within the administrations and the state bureaucracy. Hence, if the parliament is nowadays working on a bill project on the protection of the throwers of alert, essential in the fight against corruption, this one keeps affecting the Tunisian economy. Read more in the newspaper ‘ Le Monde ‘.