Press review: week of Febuary the 6th

« Egyptians choose to adapt themselves to the mentality of the society to feel safe « -L’Orient le  Jour-6/02/17

On the occasion of the conference being held in the Lebanon on the social justice in the Arab world since 2010, Yasmeen Ghazaly answers the questions ‘L’Orient le Jour’ on the condition of the woman in Egypt. This one tells that if several measures were taken in theory to improve the condition of women in the country, few are truly effective.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Donald Trump shows real face of US-Aljazeera-7/02/17

Ayatollah Khameni declares that the politics of Donald Trump, including its law anti-immigration, reveals the real face of the United States in the eyes of the world. He also takes advantage of these controversial events to undermined actions made by the former president Barak Obama, asserting that this one contributed to the creation of the EI and is responsible for the paralysis of Iran due to the imposition of sanctions. He commented on the actions related to the application of the law anti-immigration by saying what demonstrates the real attitude of the USA with regard to the application of human rights.

Tunisia and Algeria revive their cooperation in the field of the energies- The Huffington Post Maghreb-8/02/17

The Algerian Prime Minister and the Tunisian Secretary of the Energy, Mines, and renewable energies met in Algeria on Tuesday at the occasion of the holding of the joint Committee on Cooperation related to energy questions. Abdelmalek Selal and Hela Cheikhrouhou both expressed their satisfaction as for the bilateral relations maintained by both countries in these subject; and assert that the cooperation will futher developed during new projects. Read more on « The Huffington Post Maghreb ».

Algeria: why the prices of foodstuffs increase-Jeune Afrique-9/02/17

The Algerian consumers had the opportunity to notice a rise in food and basic consumption products prices since the beginning of January. This increase concerns as much the local products as the imported products. The newspaper « Jeune afrique » attributes it to the increase of the VAT, the Algerian currency depreciation, the existence of virtual monopoly for certain companies as well as the existence of an informal economy.

The conflict in the Western Sahara poisons the relation between Morocco and EU-Le monde-10/02/17

Moroccan Minister for Agriculture expressed its exasperation as for the attitude of Europe towards the agricultural agreements. These are indeed subject to a legal battle between the Moroccan authorities and the Polisario front. Rabat is afraid of the consequences of a judgement delivered recently by the Court of Justice of the European Union excluding the territories of Sahara western of the agricultural agreements. This one had ruled at first for the cancellation of the agricultural agreements, provoking a diplomatic crisis between the country and the European Union. Frederica Mogherini and Jean-Claude Juncker answered to Minister for Agriculture that Europe planned to protect the agricultural agreements with Morocco.