Press review February 27th

NGO rescues off Libya encourage traffickers, says EU borders chief-The Guardian-27/02/2017

The leader of the Frontex agency recently declared that NGOS helping the migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea  to join Europe encourages human trafficking. He accuses  the organizations of being poorly  effective in their collaboration with security agencies. He considers that by helping migrants close to the Libyan ribs, these NGO encourage the traffickers to give less and less oils and water reserves to boats. The NGOs reacted by saying that it was necessary to act so if they do not want let people die in the sea.

Saudi Arabia wants oil prices to rise to $60 in 2017-Aljazeera-28/02/2017

Five sources from OPEC countries declared that Saudi Arabia and his  allies of the gulf wished to see an increase in the oil price in 60 dollars per barrel. These countries hope that it will decrease the pressure which low costs put on their finances. Nevertheless, this increase should not, according to them, boosts the American production of shale gaz.

Merkel in Egypt to reduce migrant flows-Arab News-1/03/2017

The German chancellor visited Egypt and Tunisia to discuss about the migration problem, which has further deteriorated since the fall of Qaddafi in 2011. She wishes the North African countries to be  more active in the control of their borders as well as in the repatriation of the migrants whose asylum request were refused.

Iraq : ISIS keep resisting  in the West part of Mosul-RTBF Info-2/03/2017

The jihadist forces of the Islamic State continue resisting the assault of the Iraqi troops to take back the West part of Mosul. The total resumption of the city would represent a consequent victory against ISIS, as Mosul represents the last big fief of the organization.

Hosni Mubarak acquitted-Le courrier international-3/03 /2017

Hosni Mubarak, accused of having caused the death of thousand demonstrators during the Egyptian revolution of 2011, was definitively acquitted further to a judgment of the Cassation Court. The former president could, following this decision, get back some of its former privileges.