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Les pays du Conseil de coopération du Golfe. Nouvelles puissances du monde arabe?

Newest publication: Les pays du Conseil de coopération du Golfe. Nouvelles puissances du monde arabe?

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Inspections that aren’t really inspections


By Silke Vanrompay On the 13th of May 2014 a generator exploded in the coal mine in Soma, in the West-Turkish Manisa, what resulted in a power breakdown, a heavy fire and the deadliest mine disaster in the history of the country. Eventually, it would kill 301 miners. Almost half a year later, on the 28th October 2014, eighteen workers got buried after the collapse of a mine in Ermenek, South-Turkey. The mine has been filled with thousands of litres of water. Three days later, on the 1st of November, two mineworkers lost their lives in a mine in the Bartin province. The question of the security situation in the Turkish mines has risen again and the promises that the Erdogan government made in May have been dusted off and evaluated.

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Press review

 14th – 21st November

Europe did little to help Syrians, now it wants to do less – 16/11/2014 – Your Middle East

When the Arab Spring first kicked in, the EU’s “democracy promotion” was put to test. Years after words still haven’t matched actions. As the conflict in Syria escalated, Brussels did not mobilize its resources to help bring an end to the conflict, nor did it organize a humane migration scheme. In his opening statement, Jean-Claude Juncker, the new president of the European Commission, noted in regard to the Middle East that the EU “cannot be satisfied with how our common foreign policy is working at the moment.”

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Press review

 24th – 31st October

What’s the appeal of a caliphate? – 25/10/2014 – BBC Magazine

In June the leader of the group of the Islamic State declared the creation of a caliphate stretching across parts of Syria and Iraq – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi named himself the caliph or leader. Edward Stourton examines the historical parallels and asks what is a caliphate, and what is its appeal.

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Forgotten heroes

© | The Belgian foundation Forgotten Heroes 14-19 organises a travelling exhibition to pay a tribute to the hundreds and thousands of Arabic soldiers and labourers who died in a war that wasn’t their own.