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Les pays du Conseil de coopération du Golfe. Nouvelles puissances du monde arabe?

Newest publication: Les pays du Conseil de coopération du Golfe. Nouvelles puissances du monde arabe?

Event ALF 15 september

The Anna Lindh Foundation is organizing a conference-debate on the 15th of September

Call for applications

Call for applications: MEDEA is recruiting a French intern

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Towards a Mediterranean Community of people


European States Scale up their Involvement in Iraq but at What Price?


By Barbara Gianessi, MEDEA Institute After several weeks of hesitation the European Union has agreed to endorse the decision by some Member States of a greater involvement in the Iraqi conflict. During an emergency meeting, held on August 15th in Brussels, the twenty-eight European foreign ministers released a joint declaration welcoming any effort to provide weapons to the Kurdish fighters, currently engaged in an intense confrontation with the Islamic State's militants in the North of Iraq. France and the United Kingdom have already started delivering some military supplies to the Kurdish forces, while Italy and the Czech Republic are still examining ways to assist. Germany is also working toward supplying the military in northern Iraq, but mainly with transport and non-lethal supplies.

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Press review

22nd – 29th August

Defending the Human Right Defenders -23/08/2014 Muftah

Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) new report on Egypt’s “Rab’a Massacre” and the mass killing of protestors in July and August of 2013 has earned the organization a tsunami of criticism in the Egyptian media. Among the accusations lobbied at the group, critics cite funding from the Gulf, failure to report the presence of armed protestors, downplaying the sit-ins’ sectarianism, and a pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias.

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In the chaos of Libya – Part 1: the social picture

By Matteo Anastasi, co-founder of « Il Termometro », blog of opinions and discussions.

Libya is lying in a situation of social chaos. The absence of a central, strong and legitimized power has brought back some dynamics which were meant to be disappeared in the post Qaddafi era (1969-2011). In order to better understand the current social environment is necessary to focus on two intertwined internal dimensions – that is the role respectively covered by the clans/tribes and by non-governmental actors (specifically, the militias) which undoubtedly exercise an influence on the already complex regional socio-political situation.

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Next events

Midi-Med: « Nuclear risks in the Persian Gulf »
The MEDEA Institute and the European Movement Belgium are pleased to invite you to the next Midi-Med on 17th June 2014 which will be dedicated to: "Nuclear risks in the Persian Gulf"
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Picture of the week

Mohamed Torokman (Reuters- Contrasto)

© Mohammed Torokman/ Reuters Contrasto. In Gaza, thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate the long-term ceasefire announced on August 26 by Hamas and the Israeli government. The conflict in Gaza began on July 8th and it cost the lives of more than two thousand Palestinians and 68 Israelis.