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Oproep tot kandidaatstelling – MEDEA zoekt een nederlandstalige stagiair

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Call for participation in a cultural festival in Morocco

Slideshow Istanbul

The Fourth meeting of the Mediterranean Citizens’Assembly 
Istanbul (Turkey) November 21 – 24, 2013

Midi de la Méditerranée

Midi Med of December 12th with Didier Reynders

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Reflections of the young Syrian artists on the conflict in images


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Towards a Mediterranean Community of people


The shaken but still standing cedar tree


By Nicolas Wattelle, MEDEA Institute Whilst all its neighbours seem torn apart by identity and religious struggles, it seems Lebanon is resisting this trend by pretending to be stable. However, various factors suggest that the country could also fall into the trap of chaos just like its neighbouring countries. First and foremost, internally, the country has been in a presidential deadlock since the 23th of April. The Lebanese constitution of 23 May 1926 requires the election of a Maronite Christian president. However, the two main parties (the Lebanese Forces, Christian party led by Samir Geagea and the Free Patriotic Movement of General Michel Aoun) fail to elect a successor to Michel Sleiman, whose term expires on May 25. This blockage to elect a Lebanese president (elected for six years by parliament with a two-third majority) could be due to an absence of quorum. On the 23th of July, the Lebanese deputies were summoned for the ninth time, but just as before, the quorum of two-third (86 out of 128 members) was not reached for only 65 deputies showed up. A new meeting was scheduled for the 12th of August.

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Press review

18th-25th July

From Iraq to Syria : the origins of the Islamic State -23/07/2014- Orient XXI

The expulsion of Christians in Mosul is the latest action of the new Islamic State which now stretches from the west of Syria up to the borders of Baghdad. It took the radical Muslim group ten years and a war in Iraq in order to establish itself in the heart of the Middle East. The question is if this will be sustainable.

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Press review

11th-18th July

Israel-Gaza : why the story repeats itself -15/07/2014- Le Monde

“Summer Rains” in 2006, “Cast Lead” in 2008-2009, “Pillar of defense” in 2012, “Protective edge” in 2014: the story of the relations between Israel and Gaza, since the Jewish colonists were evacuated by this small coastal territory in 2005, seems to amount to a succession of military operations. Hardly a cycle of violence ends that a new episode seems in preparation.

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Midi-Med: « Nuclear risks in the Persian Gulf »
The MEDEA Institute and the European Movement Belgium are pleased to invite you to the next Midi-Med on 17th June 2014 which will be dedicated to: "Nuclear risks in the Persian Gulf"
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© REUTERS/Badi Khlif. While all eyes are on Gaza, the Syrian conflict continues between the rebels and the regular army. Here, a rebel sniper sits on chairs inside a house in the town of Morek in the Hama province.