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Les pays du Conseil de coopération du Golfe. Nouvelles puissances du monde arabe?

Newest publication: Les pays du Conseil de coopération du Golfe. Nouvelles puissances du monde arabe?

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Turkey faces its demons


Iran and the members of the Security Council plus Germany (P5 + 1) agreed, after 12 years of chaotic negotiations; they have clinched a landmark deal on the Iranian nuclear issue. John Kerry and Javid Zarif reached a compromise to solve the nuclear impasse. The conclusion of this agreement is a success: for Obama, currently mired in the Middle East, for Iran, which will run back into the community of nations. Moreover, it is also a success for the members of the P5 + 1 who negotiated for 12 years an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. This very precise and technical agreement allows Iran to develop its civilian nuclear industry and escape the sanctions, but at the same time, it blocks at least for ten years any will of military nuclear program for Iran.

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Germany opens its doors to refugees, but only Syrians are welcome

by Bruno S. Sergi, Giacomo Morabito

In July 2015, during a meeting with students at the Paul Friedrich Scheel school in Rostock, the Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Germany could not manage to take every refugee, making Palestinian refugee children cry. However, in mid-September 2015 the German government announced the suspension of the Dublin Regulation, and opened its doors to Syrian refugees. “There is no legal limit to the number of people fleeing political persecution Germany,” said the Chancellor. In addition, the federal government will increase its 2016 budget by €3 billion to cope with the refugee situation. The regional state governments and local authorities will make available a further €3 billion. Further reading

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A family member of one of 27 Egyptian Coptic Christian workers who have been kidnapped in the Libyan city of Sirte is in mourning in Cairo, February 13, 2015. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany.