Eretz Israel

(Hebrew for « Land of Israel » or « State of Israel »). Eretz Israel covers the territories which were part of the Jewish Kingdom(s) at the time of the First and Second Temple. This means beyond Palestine and into a part of Jordan.

While some zionist activists still aim to have the modern Jewish state established in the whole area, the great majority of zionists accepts that the State of Israel be established in only a part of Eretz Israel.

No political party in Israel today demands that Israel should seek to occupy the whole of Eretz Israel, but the Israeli right-wing parties are only ready to accept the withdrawal from the Eretz Israel zones (a development due to the reality imposed by the 1993 Oslo agreements and the recognition by Israel of the existence of the Palestinian people) under the condition that the Palestinian entity that would emerge not have the attributes of a sovereign state, but instead remain ultimately under the power of the Hebrew State.