Israel-Turkey Pact

Israel and Turkey concluded in February 1996 a Military Training and Cooperation Agreement which marked a major strategic development in the Middle East. Opposition to the move from Arab countries – and Iran – were ineffectual, and Syria felt dangerously targeted by this de facto alliance. The formation of a Turkish government in late June 1996 led by Necmettin Erbakan, leader of the Islamic Refah Party, did not alter in any way the growing cooperation between the Turkish and Israeli armed forces. More recently, in 1999, Turkey put tremendous pressure on Syria (by massing troops at the southern border) so it would expel the PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan. The latter was captured soon after, according to some sources, thanks to cooperation between the Turkish and Israeli secret services.

The agreement provides i.a. facilities and exercice opportunities for Israeli forces in the huge Turkish land, sea and airspace, upgrading by Israel of Turkish military equipments and exchange of informations.