The success of this brand new party of center-left, headed by the former TV journalist Yair Lapid, was actually the big surprise of January 22 2013. While all the polls were predicting a overwhelming victory of the list Likoud Beitenou and the uncontrollable arrival of the hero of the electoral campaign, the anti-palestinian Naftali Bennett with his proposition to annex the zone C of the West Bank (60% of Palestine), the left and the center-left who didn’t achieve an agreement have still resurrected in their disunity on paper and at the polls. After the « theocratic » drift of the country since ten years, the secularists seem to have awaken.

Is this the famous third way that everyone has been waiting for ten years? Yech Atid, new headlight of the left with 19 seats, is untouchable today as Kadima was. Emerged out of nowhere, it may disappear tomorrow or at the next election: speculations are going on well about the perhaps too fast arrival  of this party formed by personalities of civil society not yet in hand with political positions. Now, they must try the soonest. After a lot of dithering, deciding if to stay in the opposition to structure the energy gathered through the elections or to switch to the government, Lapid finally accepted the function of Minister of Finances.