Assasination of Pierre Gemayel

Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel 34 years old, the youngest Lebanese deputy, has been assassinated Monday 21st November 2006 in a Christian suburb of Beirut.

Pierre Gemayel has been assassinated by a bullet while his car drove through the neighbourhood of Sin el-Fil.

He was the son of the former President of the Lebanese Republic, Amine Gemayel, nephew of the ex President of the Republic Bashir Gemayel and founder grandson of the party Phalange.

He opposed the Syrian influence in Lebanon. Syria is considered responsible by many Lebaneses for the assassination of the former Premier Rafiq Hariri, in February 2005.

He is the fifth anti-Syrian figure to be assassinated after the assassination attempt which cost the life of the former Premier Rafiq Hariri.

This assassination comes after weeks of an internal political crisis between the anti Syrian government and the pro-Syrian opposition. It comes some hours before the permission of the UN Security Council to create an internationl court aimed to judge the assassins of Rafiq Hariri, for which some Syrians and Lebaneses have been accused.

The Security Council has accepted the request of the US and France to include the assassination of the Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel in the investigation of the late premiere Hariri’s investigation.

The assassination of Pierre Gemayel has raised many reactions and a worldwide condemnation.

The ex President, sheikh Amine Gemayel has urged angry supporters to keep calm and to pray. He has asked everybody who loved Pierre Gemayel to avoid irrational and instinctive reactions. He has remembered how his nephews Amine Assouad and Manuel Gemayel, as well as Maya, his brother Bashir and today his son Pierre are died in the name of the same belief, which is the independence of Lebanon. Sheik Amine hopes that the death of his son will promote freedom and prosperity in Lebanon.