Mediterranean Games

The Mediterranean Games were launched in 1951, following an Egyptian proposal made in 1948 during a meeting of the Olympic International Committee.

The Mediterranean Games have been held 13 times: Alexandria (1951), Barcelona (1955), Beirut (1959), Napoli (1963), Tunis (1967), Izmir (1971), Alger (1975), Split (1979), Casablanca (1983), Latakia (1987), Athens (1991), Languedoc Roussillon (1993), Bari (1997) and Tunis (2001).
The last edition included 23 of the 62 Olympic events.

While ten countries took part in the first edition of these games (Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Spain, Syria, Turkey, Yugoslavia), they were 23 in Tunis. Israel did not participate.

The Spanish city of Almeria will host the XVth Mediterranean Games in 2005.