Palestinians: legal status

The legal status of the Palestinians varies greatly but can be summed up to the three following cases:

  • Those who are in the territories under Palestinian authority are progressively given a Palestinian passport , after the Israeli authorities have given their approval;
  • Obtaining a passport issued by the Palestinian Authorities does not translate into a recognition of citizenship equal to the Israeli citizenship. Thus, this passport is recognised by a small number of states. In particular a Palestinian native of the autonomous zones of gaza and the West Bank can at any time be extradited to Israel for a minor or serious crime committed in Israeli territory, the reverse is excluded. Most of the Palestinian refugees outside the Palestinian territories are stateless and are possibly given travelling documents by the host Arab State;
  • Most Palestinians residing in Jordan have been given a Jordanian passport but their status is not exactly equal to that of the other nationals of this country as their passport is valid for a period shorter than that granted to those with full Jordanian citizenship.