TUNISIA, Elections and Parliament

The Parliament of Tunisia is unicameral.

  • Name of Parliament: Chamber of Deputies (Al Majlis Al-Nuwaab)
  • Number of seats: 182
  • Term of Legislature: 5 years
  • Required age for voting: 20
  • Required age for membership: 25

Of the 182 members of the Chamber of Deputies,

  • 148 are elected by party-list simple majority system in 25 multi-member constituencies with one seat for 60,000 inhabitants. All constituency seats go to the winning list.
  • 34 are allotted proportionately to parties that were unsuccessful, the aim being to ensure seats for the opposition parties.

Voting is not compulsory.

The legislative and presidential elections were marked by major procedural modifications to the Constitution and the Electoral Code.
The President of the Parliament is Fouad Mebazaâ.
With 21 parliamentarians, women represent 11.5% of the Chamber.
Source : Inter-Parliamentary Union