Conventional name: United Arab Emirates ( Al Imarat al Arabiyah al Muttahidah)

Capital: Abu Dhabi.

Surface area: 83.600 km².

Comparison with a European country: 1/5 Luxembourg

Administrative divisions: 7 emirates (imarah/imarat).

Population (2012) : 5’314’317

Population density (2012): 64,1 inhabitants/km²

Young people under 15 Years old (20): 20,4%

Population growth (2011): 3,282

Fecundity rate (2011): 2.40

Life expectancy (2011): 76,51

Infant mortality (2011): 11,94%o

Urban population (2010): 84%

Illiteracy rate (2005): men: 24.3%; women: 19.3%

Ethnic background: Arabs (99% of nationals)

Language: Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu.

HDI (Human Development Indicator, 2007): within the 177 countries selected the United Arab Emirates are ranked 39 (rate 0.868, high developemnt)

Currency: 1 Emirian dirham (AED) = 100 Fils. (1 Dirham = 0.29Euro on 31.05.2002)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (2007) : 360’100’000’000 US $

G.D.P. per capita (2007) : 48’800 US $

Labour Force by Economic Sector (2002): services 37.5%, industry 58.5%, agriculture 4%

Industries: petroleum, fishing, petrochemicals, construction materials, some boat building, handicrafts, pearling

Agricultural products: tomatoes, aubergines, dates, watermelons, cucumbers and gherkins

Exports (2010) : 2’123 billions US $

Imports (2010) : 1’614 billions US $

Major Trading Partners: Japan, USA, UK, India, South Korea, Singapore

Major Export Products: crude oil, natural gas, re-exports, aluminum, dried fish

Major Import Products: Manufactured goods, machinery, and transportation equipment, food.

Total External Debt (2010) : 1’500 billions US $

Independency: 2 December 1971 (from the UK)

Admitted in the UN: 1971

Member i.a. of: League of Arab States, Gulf Cooperation Council, OPEC, WTO

Parties to i.a. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

State nature: Federation of seven autonomous emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubaï, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaywayn, Ras al-Khaima, Fajarah)

Regime nature: Absolute monarchies

Head of State (President) : Sheikh KHALIFA bin Zayid Al Nuhayyan (since 3 November 2004), ruler of Abu Dhabi(since 4 November 2004)

Prime Minister: Maktum bin Rashid al-MAKTUM.

Minister for Foreign Affairs: Rashid bin Abdallah al-NUAYMI.

Minister of Interior: SAIF bin Zayid Al Nuhayyan

Territorial Disputes : With Saudi Arabia for the ownership of the oilfield of Shayba, located at a non defined border between the two states and holding reserves of about 14 billion barrels of crude oil, and with Iran for three small islands, Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tumb, which are strategically located in the Strait of Hormuz and rich in oil and natural gas.

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