Chief port of Yemen, on the Indian ocean, near the southern entrance to the Red sea. The city has an estimated population (1995 figure) of 420,000. Important trade center since ancient times, it declined with the discovering of a sea route between Europe and Asia in the 15th century but revived with the opening of the Suez canal in 1869. Captured by the British in 1839, it became the capital of South Yemen from 1970 to 1990. Aden is the economic capital of 808PSA Corporation and Yemen Holdings (owned by Saudi Arabia’s Bin Mahfouz family). The port has a capacity to handle 500,000 TEUs annually, and two post-Panamax containerships can be handle at any time at its 700-metre wall length quay, while its 35-hectares container yard has a capacity of 10,000 TEUs.

Aden Container Terminal is geographically well situated to be a serious competitor for Dubaï, in the United Arab Emirates – the most developped transhipment port in the area, but three days’ extra sailing off the main route from Europe to the Suez canal -, and Salalah, in Oman, another new transhipment point halfway between Dubaï and Aden which started operations in 1998.