Islah (Yemeni Reform Group)

« Al-Islah », which means « Reform » in Arabic, is an abbreviation of « Yemeni Reform Group ». It is the most important islamic party of Yemen; it is also nationalist, unitarian and democratic. Al-Islah is of the opinion that parliamentary democracy is perfectly compatible with Islam provided it does not lead to a secular Western type society.

When it was created, the party refused to include the word Islam in its name as it was of opinion that the islamic message is addressed to all Yemenis and cannot be claimed by one single political group.

At the parliamentary elections of 27 April 1993, the first since the reunification of the country, Islah became the second strongest party in number of seats: 62 on a total of 301 (but only the third in number of votes: 16,61%). Due to this good result, the leader of Islah, Sheikh Al-Hammar, was elected chairman of the Parliament.

In the elections of 27 April 1997, they lost 8 seats but still is the second strongest party after the General People’s Congress.