Events MEDEA 2010

  • 2010120808/12/2010
    Midi de la Méditerranée – Middle East in all its states
    As part of the Midis de la Méditerranée, the European Movement Belgium and MEDEA Institute had the great pleasure to welcome Professor Antoine Sfeir on December 8, 2010, that came to present a « Middle East in all its states. » His speech particularly emphasized the communitarianism that characterizes more and more the region and makes it...
  • 2010112929/11/2010
    Midi de la Méditerranée – Nuclear Iran: trends and potential impacts
    On the occasion of the « Midis de la Méditerranée »  jointly organized  by the European Movement Belgium and MEDEA Institute, we hosted this Monday, November 29 Barah Mikail, Ph.D. in Political Science and Director of Research at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations in Paris. This « Midi de la Méditerranée »  has fallen in the context of Wikileaks diplomatic revelations, which seem to indicate a fear of Arab countries with respect to nuclear and regional ambitions. The diplomatic bomb made Barah Mikaïl’s intervention on the theme « Nuclear Iran: trends and potential impacts » especially relevant and attracted a large...
  • 2010101313/10/2010
    Middle East, between hopes for peace and realities of war
    MEDEA Institute has partnered with GRIP to organize this conference of presentation of their new book, Middle East between hopes for peace and realities of war (2010). Amine Ait-Chaalal, Bichara Khader and Claude Roosens tried with this book to provide keys of understanding of the Israeli-Arab conflict to their UCL students, but also to a wider audience. The authors have based on basic texts such as UN resolutions or speeches that have marked significant political developments of the conflict. Linking them together, they provide a historical perspective essential to understand a conflict that has lasted for decades. The  conference was held in two stages. Following an introduction by the Director of...
  • 2010070202/07/2010
    Assembly of citizens of the Mediterranean (ACM): « Mediterranean Dialogues: Institutions and Citizenship in the Mediterranean »
    The First Assembly of citizens of the Mediterranean called « Mediterranean Dialogues: Institutions and Citizenship in the Mediterranean » was organized in Valencia from July 2nd to 4, 2010. The ACM is designed as a space for dialogue between societies – with all its components – in the Mediterranean basin. This is a long-term process that brings...
  • 2010052020/05/2010
    Midi de la Méditerranée – Turn and challenges in European Islam
    On Thursday, May 20, as part of the Midis de la Méditerranée, the MEDEA Institute and the European Movement Belgium were honored to receive Felice Dassetto, Professor Emeritus at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Study of Islam in the Contemporary World (CISMOC), and Member of the Royal Academy...
  • 2010041414/04/2010
    Institutions and Citizenship in the Mediterranean – Meet with the Assembly of Citizens of the Mediterranean (ACM)
    MEDEA Institute hosted Thursday, April 14 the Assembly of Citizens of the Mediterranean, which is a new initiative to encourage dialogue between the peoples of the Mediterranean in order to establish in the long term a community of Mediterranean peoples. To discuss this project, two members of the Board of ACM were present: Vicent Garcés, Member of the Board of Directors of CERAI (Centro de Estudios Rurales y AgriculturaInternacional) and former MEP and Françoise Macé, program manager of the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress. Two members of the coordination were also present: Sergi Ruiz Escribano, Technical Director of CERAI and Charles Kleinermann, Deputy Secretary General of European Movement International. See notes.  
  • 2010030202/03/2010
    Midi de la Méditerranée – Turkey on the nuclear path
    For  the second time, the Midi de la Méditerranée tackles the subject of energy. After Roland Kobia’s speech in October on the EU’s energy dependency and the role played by the Euro-Arab relations, Florence Debrouwer, FNRS aspirant, and member of Center for Studies of Crises and International Conflict (CECRI – UCL ) explained the evolution of Turkey’s nuclear ambitions since the 50s until today. Although no plant project is signed yet, Turkey has long nourished the project. The failures of successive drafts are due to different factors, including seismic faults crossing the Anatolian plateau, the unexpected political twists or protests from neighboring Turkey. The questions from the audience then allowed to approach the role of energy, especially nuclear energy, in the question of Turkish accession to the EU, as well as in regional...
  • 2010021616/02/2010
    The European enchantment for the Arabian Peninsula: Kuwait
    The Embassy of Kuwait and the MEDEA Institute had the great pleasure to welcome Professor Ben J. Slot on Feb. 16, 2010 at the Cercle Gaulois. The professor presented his book « The Origins of Kuwait » and traced through ancient maps which turns out to be one of the first Arab countries to take a form of nation state. In her welcoming speech, Her Excellency Ms. Nabeela al-Mulla, Kuwait’s Ambassador in Brussels, highlighted the attractions of Kuwait, while Mr. François-Xavier de Donnea, Chairman of the MEDEA Institute, expressed the new focus of the MEDEA on the Arab Gulf. An interested and high-ranking public came in number to listen to Professor Ben J. Slot at the dinner in the beautiful setting of the Cercle Gaulois. See notes.
  • 2010011818/01/2010
    Mediterrane Middag – Macht en waarden in het Middellandse Zeegebied: Tijd voor een EU-Strategie
    De eerste Mediterrane Middag in 2010 had het genoegen om Professor Sven Biscop, directeur van Veiligheid en Global Governance Programme van het Egmont Instituut, te ontvangen. Hij schetste de Europese veiligheidsstrategie en de kenmerken ervan in de Mediterrane Zee. Tussen stabiliseren op een korte termijn en de oprichting van democratieën op een lange termijn, de Mediterrane strategie...