Message from the President

Cooperation with its closest neighbours, the Arab and Mediterranean countries, is essential for Europe. Although the EU has established a new External Action Service to consolidate European presence on the world scene, it has failed so far to grasp the complexity of the Arab world.

Various initiatives have been launched to provide the necessary frameworks for Euro-Arab cooperation. These initiatives include the Barcelona Process, the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and, most recently, the Union for the Mediterranean. However, none appear to have fulfilled the hopes and expectations of the partner countries to the South.

The Arab World does not always recognise Europe’s true potential, or does not seem to know how to approach it. Thus for practical reasons, Europe’s neighbouring countries choose to build partnerships across the Atlantic or the Asian continent, despite the lack of practicality.

In this context, the role of the MEDEA Institute, active for the past fifteen years in Euro-Arab relations, is to raise awareness and understanding of the Arab world, its peculiarities and its opportunities. Its purpose is to promote dialogue and synergies between two neighboring and complementary regions.

The Persian Gulf region, in particular, offers great potential for a European continent in crisis. Indeed, to cope with what is called the « post-oil » era, the Persian Gulf countries are strongly committed to the diversification of their economic sectors. They develop research centers, centers for scientific development and top-level universities. Some have developed spectacular tourist and real estate facilities, not to mention great cultural and sporting ambitions.

The Arab countries of the Gulf have built dynamic, modern and attractive cities, impressive to every visitor!

Through various activities such as its website, conferences and consulting activities, the MEDEA Institute strives to promote and facilitate relations between actors and thinkers European and Arab alike. Its objective is to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between two neighboring and complementary regions through greater mutual understanding.

I invite you to participate in our Institute’s activities and share with us the objectives of our mission and projects.

Roger Bertozzi
MEDEA Institute