Foster inter-cultural dialogue

Cultures are neither isolated nor static, but enter in constant interaction with each other and evolve. In order to make this evolution positive, MEDEA Institute aims at promoting inter-cultural dialogue between peoples and groups bearers of different histories, heritages and cultural codes, by encouraging encounter, by inviting debate, and by providing a framework for analysis which prevents acceptance of obscurantist and irrational explanations, or extremism. It is therefore an effort to offer information, clarification and analysis of problems, as well as critique, with a global goal to reinforce the foundation of mutual relations between diverse societies.

Promote mutual understanding and reciprocal tolerance

MEDEA Institute seeks to foster the respect of pluralism, in which cultural tolerance is not based solely on a passive acknowledgement of other groups’ rights, but implies an active knowledge of these cultures, thereby bringing about mutual respect and understanding.

Establish links and networks for the benefit of players in the political, economic, academic and cultural spheres

MEDEA Institute wishes to be a resource and a reference point for people wanting to engage in the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue. Via its meetings and talks the Institute seeks to create exchanges between political, economic, and diplomatic players, experts, journalists, academics and others, which allow the formation of operational contacts leading to concrete ulterior results and facilitate a better insight into the stakes, positions, and the tangible possibilities for cooperation.

Disseminate objective and plural information to the public at large

Via its website, publications, and conferences, MEDEA Institute works towards circulating objective information, as well as promoting education and training of Europeans and Arabs in order to prevent stereotypes revealing a lack of knowledge of the “Other”.

Provide direct access to European and international institutions based in Brussels

Established in Brussels, MEDEA Institute wishes to offer its geographical advantage and assistance to other institutions based in the Arab or Mediterranean world wishing to have a base in the European capital.