2016 press review

  • 2016121919/12/2016
    Press Review 12th of December
    How Damas lost Palmyra again-L’Orient le Jour-12/12/2016 The terrorist organization Islamic State managed to reconquer Palmyra 9 months after their expulsion from the city. This defeat of the Syrian army highlights, according to the newspaper “l’Orient le Jour”, the intrinsic weaknesses of the governmental forces. It was indeed unable to maintain the control of the territory without the Russian and Iranian support.
  • 2016121212/12/2016
    Press Review 5th of December
    Daesh lost Sirte, its fief in Libya-Le Monde-5/12/16 The Libyan government of National Union regained control over the city of Sirte on Monday. It was the fief of the Islamic State in Libya. It is about a new backhand for the terrorist organization which is experiencing several setbacks in Iraq and in Syria nowadays.
  • 2016120606/12/2016
    Press review: 28th of November
    Did Ben Ali speak ? The TAP trapped by propaganda-Nawaat-28/11/16 The authenticity of a text presenting the reactions of the former Tunisian dictator to the first hearings of the authority the Truth and Dignity ( IVD) is questioned. This one was published on November 23rd by Tunis Africa Presse, an official agency. The release has beeen delivered by the controversial Mounir Ben Salha, Ben Ali's lawyer.
  • 2016112929/11/2016
    Ress Review, November 21th
    Syria: near a million people are now besieged-Le Monde-21/11/2016 The use of the tactics of siege is increasing in Syria, declares the UN boss of the humanitarian operations. Indeed, near a million Syrians would be besieged today. This number, has been constantly rising during the last past year. This one would be essentially used by the Syrian regime. New zones broadened the list of unreachable places for the humanitarian supports. This collective punishment aims at forcing the populations to submit itself or to flee.
  • 2016112222/11/2016
    Press Review 16th of November
    Erdogan hints at referendum on Turkey joining EU-Arab News-14/11/2016. The Turkish president Erdogan blames Europe for pushing his country to drop off its procedure to access the European Union. He denounces the indecision of the European leaders and urges them to take a clear decision before his country runs out of patience. The President also thinks about consulting his population on this matter through a referundum.
  • 2016111414/11/2016
    Press Review: November 7-11 2016
    Arab forces to lead fight to recapture Raqqa from Isis, US says-The Guardian-7/11/2016. Washington recently declared that an Arab coalition would lead the battle to to take back Raqqa, which held by ISIS since 2013. The purpose of this statement is to reassure the Turkish authorities over the Kurdish implication in the liberation of the city. The country considers the YPG, helping the Syrian Democratic Forces, as being an arm for the PKK. Ankara is afraid that an active participation of the group would lead to the creation of a Kurdish enclave in the North of Syria, strengthening the PKK
  • 2016103131/10/2016
    Press Review october 24- october 26
    Hundreds leave Calais by bus on first day of operation to clear refugee camp-The Guardian-24/10/2016 Hundreds of migrants left the Calais Jungle on Monday morning. Their next destination? Reception centres located all over France. The migrants were warned that they risked deportation in case of resistance during the dismantling procedure. Several NGOS expressed their fears...
  • 2016102424/10/2016
    Press Review: 17th-21th of October 2016
    Battle for Mosul: Operation to retake Iraqi city from IS begins-BBC News-17/10/2016. The armed raid /operation armed to take back Mosul began on Monday. This one is led by the Iraqi army and its Kurdish allies. The attack is also supported by the American coalition through airstrikes. The city has been under the influence of the...
  • 2016101818/10/2016
    Press Review: 10th of October-14th of October 2016
    Thousands in Yemen protest deadly airstrike as Saudi coalition agrees to a probe-The Washington Post-10/10/2016. Millions of people protested in the streets from Sanaa to Yemen to denounce the air attack having made 100 deaths during funerals. This one had been thrown by the coalition led by the Saudi Arabia. The country declared that the...
  • 2016101111/10/2016
    Press Review: 3rd of October- 7th of October.
    « Marshall plan for Tunisia » : a call for debt -Nawaat- October 3, 2016. After a call for mobilization emitted by the Circle Kheireddine, the European Parliament has considered that Tunisia could benefit of a “Marshall Plan” in a resolution adopted on September 14th. This plan would take place over 5 years and would aim to...
  • 2016093030/09/2016
    Press Review: September 26 – September 30 2016
    Thousands of Saudis sign petition to end male guardianship of women-The Guardian-September 26, 2016.   14,682 Saudis women signed a petition aiming to end the Guardianship system this Monday. This system compels women to seek the approval of a male relative to achieve basic tasks; such as for traveling, getting health care, to marry, or...