2017 press review

  • 2017030606/03/2017
    Press review February 27th
    NGO rescues off Libya encourage traffickers, says EU borders chief-The Guardian-27/02/2017 The leader of the Frontex agency recently declared that NGOS helping the migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea to join Europe encourages human trafficking. He accuses the organizations of being poorly effective in their collaboration with security agencies. He considers that by helping migrants close to the Libyan ribs, these NGO encourage the traffickers to give less and less oils and water reserves to boats. The NGOs reacted by saying that it was necessary to act so if they do not want let people die in the sea.
  • 2017022121/02/2017
    Press review: February the 13th
    Election of new Hamas Gaza Strip leader increases fears of confrontation-The Guardian-13/02/17 Yahya Sinwar, a hardliner of the Hamas has been elected as leader of the Gaza Strip. He formally rejects any attempt of reconciliation with Israel. His victory shows contentions within the various political factions of the Hamas ; and his election stimulated the fears of new deadly conflicts between the group and Israel.
  • 2017021515/02/2017
    Press review: week of Febuary the 6th
    "Egyptians choose to adapt themselves to the mentality of the society to feel safe "-L’Orient le Jour-6/02/17 On the occasion of the conference being held in the Lebanon on the social justice in the Arab world since 2010, Yasmeen Ghazaly answers the questions ‘L’Orient le Jour’ on the condition of the woman in Egypt. This one tells that if several measures were taken in theory to improve the condition of women in the country, few are truly effective.
  • 2017020707/02/2017
    Press Review 30th of January
    Trump’s travel ban threatens U.S. partnership with Iraq against Islamic State-The Washington Post-30/01/17 Trump’s travel ban decree stimulated the anger of the Iraqis, threatening the fight against ISIS. Indeed, Iraq collaborates closely with the United States as regards the elimination of the jihadist group, and considers as unacceptable the fact of being considered as being terrorists after all these years of collaboration. The Iraqi members of Parliament responded to the anti-immigration decree by voting a motion to call for the adoption of measures forbidding the delivery of visas for Americans.
  • 2017013131/01/2017
    Press Review : 23-27 of January
    Syria peace talks: rebels appear to rule out ceasefire role for Iran-The Guardian-23/01/17 The Syrian rebels met the strengths pro-Bashar Al Assad for the first time since the beginning of the civil war. This meeting took place in Astana, Kazakh capital, during negotiations sponsored by Iran, Turkey and Russia. At the end of these discussions, the rebels seemed to have rejected the participation of Iran as moderator of the cease-fire. Read more in "The Guardian".
  • 2017012424/01/2017
    Revue de Presse 16/01/2017
    “Oman accueille 10 prisonniers de la baie de Guantanamo”-Time-16/01/17 Au début de sa présidence, Obama avait fait la promesse de fermer la prison de la Baie de Guantanamo. C’est un engagement qu’il n’a pu tenir de par une décision du Congrès empêchant tout transfère des détenus vers des prisons américaines. Oman a donc décidé d’accueillir 10 prisonniers sur son territoire à la demande du président américain afin de soutenir son plan pour fermer l’institution. Ce n’est pas la première fois que le sultanat accepte de prendre des prisonniers. Il avait en effet déjà accepté 10 Yéménites ne pouvant retourner dans leur pays natal à cause de la guerre civile.
  • 2017012424/01/2017
    Press Review 16/01/17
    “Oman Says It’s Taking 10 Guantanamo Bay Detainees”-Time-16/01/17 At the beginning of its presidency, Obama made the promise close the prison of Guantánamo. He was not able to hold it due to a decision of the preventing Congress everything transfers prisoners towards American prisons. Therefore, Oman decided to welcome 10 prisoners on its territory at the request of the American president to support its plan to close the institution. It is not the first time that the sultanate agrees to take prisoners. He had indeed already accepted 10 Yemenites who can not return to their native country because of the civil war.
  • 2017011717/01/2017
    Press review
    “UN resolution 2334 must be seen as a tool, not just a victory”-Middle East Monitor-9/01/17. An unexpected Christmas present was given to the Palestinians on December 23rd 2016. Hence, a resolution requiring the ending of the Israeli settlements was adopted by the Security Council. Although it represents an historic moment, Professor Kamel Hawwash sees it as a tool and not only as a victory. He asserts that the Palestinian leadership needs to seize this opportunity to pressure Israel. Indeed, the author explains in this article that the Palestinians failed to do it twice in the past. The first time was in 2004, once the International Court of Justice issued an advisory opinion in 2004; and the second after UN human right commission published a report after the war in Gaza in 2008-2009.