Conference notes 2016

  • 2016112323/11/2016
    Report : « the Eu global strategy on foreign and security and the Mediterranean »
    The conference presented by Erwan Lannon talked about the new EU strategy introduced in June by Frédérica Moggerini. It asks the question whether this, is it really going to change something in the Mediterranean region. The presentation is divided in three parts. The first one will speak about the context and the evolution of CSFP from Maastricht to Lisbon, to end up with the strategy right after the Arab uprising. The second part will focus on a text analysis of the new European global strategy, and finally, the third part will draw out some conclusions and emphasize on the importance of including the « neighbors of the neighbors » in the new EU global strategy on foreign and security.
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    Midi Med: 9 novembre 2016
    MEDEA Institute, in cooperation with the European Movement Belgium are pleased to invite you to a Lunch-debate with Erwan Lannon, Professor at Ghent University and College of Europe.