Conference notes 2011

  • 2011051212/05/2011
    The evolution of Saudi Arabia’s role in the global oil market and in the OPEC
    Castle of Val Duchesse 12 May 2011   A conference organised by the MEDEA Institute, the Egmont Institute and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Belgium THE EVOLUTION OF SAUDI ARABIA’S ROLE IN THE GLOBAL OIL MARKET AND IN THE OPEC Dr. Majid Al-Moneef Governor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at...
  • 2011022424/02/2011
    Arab Revolutions: what next?
    Prieuré of Val Duchesse 24 February 2011 Roundtable organised by the MEDEA Institute and the Egmont Institute Arab Revolutions: what next? What European policy in the Arab World? Report This roundtable brought together different actors active in the Arab World, at institutional, academic or civil society levels. The roundtable sought to offer an opportunity for...