PLO Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the PLO, in practice the « government in exile » of the State of Palestine, at present, is currently made up of 17 members, practically all of whom are at the head of a department. The signature of Oslo Agreements hasen a political crisis in the bossom of the PLO and precipited the dismissal of several members of the Executive Committee. On the other hand, it marginalised the Executive in advantage of the Palestinian National Auhtority, Autonomous Executiveinstaled in Gaza in une 1994. On juridical terms, the PLO Executive is still the sole organism recognised by the international community, what explains why several officials (Yasser arafat, Abou Mazen, Yasser Abed rabbo, etc) hold double responsibilities.

The members of the Executive Committee as appointed by the 21st Session of the Palestinian National Council are the following :

Yasser Arafat (nom de guerre: Abou Ammar) (FATAH)

Président, Département militaire

Farouk KADDOUMI (Abou Loutof), (FATAH): Political Department

Mahmoud ABBAS, (FATAH): Secretary-General

Muhamad Zuhdi AL-NASHASHIBI, (indep): Economical Affairs

Yaser ABED RABBOU, (DFLP): Information Department

Suliaman AL-NAJJAB, (PCP): Social Affairs

Mahmoud ISMAIL, (FLA): Labour and Popular organisations Department

Yasir AMR, (indep): Education

Abdel- Raheem MALLOUH

Mahmoud ODEH

Ali IS’HAQ, (PLF) (without portfolio)

Samir GHOSHEH, (NLF) (without portfolio)

Faisal AL-HUSSEINI (died in may 2001)



Ghassan AL-SHAKAA’

Zakaria AL-AGHA