Al JAAFARI, Ibrahim

The Shiite Ibrahim Al Jaafari was named Prime Minister of the Iraqi temporary government on 7 April 2004. Even if the presidency falls on the Kurd Jalal Talabani, the main sources of power fall on the person who fulfills the functions of Prime Minister.

Al Jaafari was born in Kerbala in 1947. He studied medicine at the University of Mossoul and graduated in 1974. In 1968 he joined the Fundamental political party Daawa, which is under his leadership today.

After more than 20 years of exile in Iran and Great Britain, and the fall of Saddam Hussein, he returned to Iraq in April 2003 and was named president of the interim governing council established by the United States. Later, he was named Vice President after the dissolution of this governing council.

His candidacy to the position of Prime Minister was presented by the Iraqi United Alliance which won the majority of seats at the January 2005 elections. Al Jaafari wants to be « moderated » and does not want Iraq to become an Islamic country. Nevertheless, he fights for the Islam to become one of the bases of the temporary fundamental law adopted before the ratification of the Constitution in August. His detractors fear that he wants to establish an Islamic State as in Iran. The new Prime Minister has to set up his government with members from the three communities: Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

Priority is given to the security problem in Iraq in order to make the reconstruction of the country possible.