Ruling family of Bahrain. They are Suni Muslims (a majority of the Bahreini people are Shia). Originating from the Qatari peninsula, the Khalifa family ruled until the XVIIth century what is now Qatar and Bahrain before moving their residence to Manamah, the main city of Bahrain archipelago and now its capital. They were hosted in Kuwait by the As-Sabah family for nearly two centuries while Persia occupied the islands. The Khalifa family re-took control of Bahrain in 1783.

The current ruler of Bahrain is King Sheich Hamid bin Isa Al-Khalifa, who succeeded his father Isa II Al-Khalifa in March 1999 (the Amir Isa II ruled since 1961). On the 22nd of February 2002, with the new Charter, Bahrain became a Constitutional Monarchy and the Amir took the title of King. The King is married to his cousin Shaikha Sabika bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa. Their son, Shaikh Sulman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, was invested Crown Prince in March 1999. Khalifa ibn Salman, the eldest brother of the lattest Amir is the curerent Prime Minister.

The Al Khalifa family is formed by more than 3.000 members, all of them receiving allowances from their birth. The members of the Royal family are numerous in the Administration and the Executive.