André Azoulay is born in Morocco, in Essaouira in 1941 in a Moroccan Jewish family. He is now a political scientist and a politician in Morocco.  He has been King Hassan II and is now King Mohammed VI’s Special Advisor. He also chairs the Committee of Wise Men for the Alliance of Civilizations at the United Nations, is Deputy Chairman of the Foundation of the three cultures and three religions, administrator of the Mediterranean Forum and of Shimon Peres’ Center for Peace as well as Goodwill Ambassador of Monaco.

In 1966, he leaves Morocco for Paris after having worked as an editor of the newspaper “Maroc-information « . In 1976, he takes the head of a Moroccan organization called « Identity and Dialogue », whose first goal was to raise awareness of the Sephardic Jewish history and correct the negative image of a culture that has long suffered from being perceived as a « second-class culture. » The second objective was the dialogue between Jews and Arabs and the promotion of inter-cultural dialogue.

Professionally, André Azoulay headed the public relations department of Paribas bank in Paris (mission for which he received a French award in 1990). After that, he worked at Eurocom Corporation. Meanwhile, Mr. Azoulay has continued to highlight Morocco as an example of coexistence between Jews and Arabs, organizing conferences in Rabat between Jews and Arabs to put an end to stereotypes.

For eight years, he regularly meets the head of the PLO, Issam Sartawi. In the late 1980s, André Azoulay and his group « Identity and Dialogue » set up a working group of 60 European and French Jewish personalities in order to meet once a month the delegation of the PLO.

In 1989, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the French Revolution, Mr. Azoulay receives the Legion d’honneur. Thereafter, he holds the position of Vice-President of the Center for Peace in the Middle East based in Tel Aviv. While the association celebrates its 15th anniversary, « Identity and Dialogue » brings Jewish and Arab associations to meet to avoid a conflict between Jews and Arabs on the French scene.

In the late 1990s, he agrees to assume the role of Special Advisor to King Hassan II and his successor, Mohammed VI, role for which he has been criticized and seen by some as « the Jew of the court”.

In 2008, André Azoulay becomes president of the Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures. At the end of the year, he asks the Israeli government to accept the 2002 peace plan proposed by the Arab League.

Besides, André Azoulay gets involved in the defense of the Union for the Mediterranean, supporting a project which, he says, « brings to the Euro-Mediterranean partnership the perspective and the political depth it has been lacking until now.” For the president of the Anna Lindh Foundation, » The Rise of the perils in the Mediterranean and the tragic moral, human and political regression, to which we have collectively faced during the war in Gaza, require more than ever the urgency and the need for the Union for the Mediterranean.  »

André Azoulay currently enjoys an aura that made him becoming a figure of the Mediterranean and the Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue in Europe as well as in the Maghreb and the Middle East.