Born in 1930 in Haifa, David Bar-Ilan spent more than thirty years in the United States where he worked as a concert pianist and a publicist.

He went back to Israel in 1987 and, three years later, became leader writer, then executive editor of the Jerusalem Post which he turned into a paper voicing the ideology of the Likud. He held this post until 1996.

As a firmly convinced nationalist known as a « hawk » within the Likud, he considers that the Oslo Agreements (see Oslo peace process) are a catastrophe. Until the electoral failure of the Likud Prime Minister in May 1999, he was Benjamin Netanyahu’s political adviser and spokesman and, together with Dore Gold (who is now Ariel Sharon’s spokesman), one of the most influent figures in his entourage. David Bar-Ilan is not currently present on the political scene.