Euro-Arab Parliamentary Dialogue

A conference bringing together for several days a delegation from the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation (PAEAC) and a delegation from the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU).

The first meeting of this Dialogue was held in Damascus in September 1974. Since then, there have been regular meetings nearly every year, held alternately in Europe and in the Arab world. After Damascus in 1974 they were held successively in the following cities: Bonn 1975, Cairo (February), Paris (May) and Dublin (September) 1976, Luxembourg 1977, Rome 1978, Strasbourg (April, Europeans and PNC only) and The Hague (September, economic and cultural part) 1980, Rabat 1981, Bonn 1982, Baghdad 1983, Madrid 1984, Rabat 1985, Vienna 1986, Rabat 1988, Dublin 1989, Lisbon 1991, Paris 1994, Amman 1996, Malte 1997 , Damascus 1998 and Brussels 2002

These meetings are attended by about 100 members of parliament, more or less equally divided between Arabs and Europeans, and by observers from the Commission of the European Union, the Arab League and other international organizations.


Note: There were no Dialogue meetings in 1979 (following Camp David; it had been scheduled to take place in Cairo), in 1987 (due to the closure of the PAEAC offices), in 1989 (because of the Gulf crisis; it was scheduled to take place in Baghdad), in 1992 and 1993 (because of the embargo against Libya; the meeting was due in Tripoli).